Code of Conduct for Teachers/Sports Coaches/School Staff

We will:

  • Remember that we are working with primary age children, all of whom have different skill levels, experience, knowledge and confidence.  We will take into account their ability when officiating and will officiate to the ability of the children participating.
  • Remember that nothing good ever comes from losing 18-0 to another school.  If a school is clearly much stronger than the other, rotate your team to include other members of your squad.  This provides challenge and opportunity for all.
  • Put the well being and safety of our pupils above all other considerations.
  • Display sportsmanship in all situations – sportsmanship should be contagious.
  • Be a good role model for those in our care.
  • Display high standards of behaviour and appearance.
  • Enjoy ourselves at every event, even ones held outside during winter!
  • Always show respect to others involved in the event – officials, opposition players, other teachers/coaches/staff members and spectators.
  • Adhere to the Laws of the Game (whatever the sport) and will leave the officiating to those doing the job!  We will not engage in public criticism of the officials.
  • Ensure that the pupils selected for a competition are the correct age for that event.  Pupils may play up e.g. a Year 5 playing in the Year 6 football team, but NEVER play down e.g. a Year 6 playing in a Year 5 team.
  • Never coach pupils from our school during a game, whilst officiating.  Staff may coach/teach/offer support to their pupils during games otherwise.
  • Never enter any field of play without the referees/umpires/officials permission (unless in an emergency i.e. medical situation).
  • Use acceptable and appropriate language at all times.  We will not tolerate any unacceptable behaviour from any supporter of our school, and will challenge this behaviour immediately, should it occur.


Schools are also signing on behalf of any other members of staff/sports coaches/teachers who are in charge of their school’s sports teams (Please advise other staff members about this Code of Conduct).

Code of Conduct for Pupils

I will:

  • Regard it as an honour and privilege to represent my school and take pride in my performance.
  • Attend all training sessions and matches/events (except when ill or injured).  I will tell the teacher/coach if I am unable to make training or a match/event.
  • Always do my best, even if my school is losing or the other school is stronger.
  • Treat a match as a game that is fun, but will always play by the rules.
  • Always behave well during training sessions and competition days/match days.
  • Play fairly – I won’t cheat, complain or waste time.
  • Encourage others in my team to do their best: I will never be rude to my team mates, or the other team.
  • Never criticise another person for making a mistake – mistakes are part of learning.
  • Always accept all decisions made by the referee/umpire/official respectfully and without attitude/answering back.
  • Shake hands with the other team and the referee/umpire/official at the end of the game/event – no matter what the result.
  • Listen to my teacher/coach/staff member from my school and respect what they say.
  • Not be a ‘bad winner’ e.g. gloating about my win, rubbing the result in the face(s) of the opponent(s), or constantly remind them of a poor performance.  I will win with dignity, and lose with grace.
  • Not use unsporting methods to win or gain an advantage in a competition e.g. shouting out as a batter is just about to hit the ball in cricket, or intimidate the other school.
  • Recognise outstanding performances by other schools.
  • Use acceptable and appropriate language at all times. Unacceptable behaviour from any participant will not be tolerated and will be challenged immediately.


Code of Conduct for Parents

We will:

  • Regard attending a sporting fixture as a privilege.  Be a fan, not a fanatic
  • Respect all decisions made by the officials.
  • Respect all other spectators, participants and school staff.
  • Be good role models by positively supporting teams in every way possible, and be generous with praise.
  • Praise and encourage your child’s efforts, and their school, whether they win or lose.
  • Help our child to recognise good performance, not just good results.
  • Become aware of the competition rules and will keep winning in its proper place.
  • Recognise and respect the performances of players/athletes from all schools, not just your child’s school.
  • Accept victory modestly and defeat graciously, remembering the school we are supporting will be judged by our reactions.
  • Always respect and will not question the decisions of the teacher/sports coach/staff member in charge of the school team.
  • Remain outside any field of play at all times, and will stand or sit in the place we have been allocated during a match or competition.
  • Remember our child is part of a school squad, and may not always get a full game, or even get to compete at all in rare cases.
  • Remember that nearly all those who organise and run school sports competitions volunteer their time, without receiving any financial reward.  They do so willingly so that your child can participate in competitive sport.  Without them, there would be no school sport.  We will respect them for this.
  • Use acceptable and appropriate language at all times.  We will not tolerate any unacceptable behaviour from any supporter of our school, and will challenge this behaviour immediately, should it occur

Parents/carers are also signing on behalf of any other family member/friend of the family who may be watching school matches/sports competitions (Please advise other family members/friends about this Code of Conduct).

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