ERPSSA Year 5/6 Girl's Knockout Cup

Please find below details of the Year 5/6 girls knock-out cup competition. Please note the competition deadlines below. These must be adhered to, to ensure the competition is completed by Easter.


  • 7 aside
  • 20/25 minutes each eay (schools to decide)
  • If scores are equal at full time, 5 minutes each way of extra time will be played. If the scores are still equal after extra time, a penalty shoot out will take place. Each team will take 5 penalties in turn (using the players on the pitch at full time). If scores are still equal, sudden death penalties will take place. All players on the pitch at the end of extra time should take a penalty before any player takes a second penalty.
  • There is no limit on the number of Year 5 or Year 6 pupils in the team. A team can be made up completely of Year 5 or completely Year 6 if you wish.
  • The first team named should play at home. If a pitch is not available within the timescale, the away team should offer to host.
  • The retreat rule must be played in Year 5 and Year 6
  • No offside
  • Rolling subs
  • All free kicks are direct
  • Size 4 ball to be used
  • All other normal football rules apply

Please email all results to Craig Smith - [email protected]